5 reasons you should hire a fashion business coach

Hey there fashionpreneur, 

    Ever since I made the decision to launch the IE Fashion Academy, I've met so many people that have always had a dream of starting a fashion company but they put the idea on hold. The top reasons people don't go after their dreams are finances, fear and lack of knowledge to be aware of exactly how to launch the brand. I want to share the top 5 reasons you should consider investing in a fashion business coach vs school. 

You should invest in a fashion business coach to:

  1. Save Money- When I launched my clothing line, Irregular Exposure, I was young and clueless as to how to finance a business. I learned through trial and error. Only a few years ago, I made a bad fashion business decision. I prepared a new collection without retailers to sell the inventory to. BAD FASHION BUSINESS!!! The collection costed me well over $10,000. I ended up having to push out the items myself through detailed marketing, costly pitch meetings and more. I hired my business coach just a month after that bad decision and I was able to recover quickly. I was making the mistake of running my business from my bank account instead of from the business profits. Furthermore, fashion studies average $19,000- $26,000 each year. Our program is about 80% LESS!Save money and get more value or spend more and still not have a business after graduation? I am very proud to hold a degree in my career but no one cares! No business partner cares about that little piece of paper. They care about the numbers and that should be the mindset. 
  2. See Results Quickly- When I hired my business coach, I was at a 9-5 job making $55,000 a year. Not bad for a 23 year old right? Well within 4 months of working with my coach, I had left my job and already surpassed my 9-5 job's salary for the year. I was able to prepare multiple streams of revenue and set dollar amount goals to attain. I had tried to leave my job on my own (without a coach) for 5 years. You do the math! I just didn't have time to waste and I needed to see results NOW! I did the work, put in the effort and got results!
  3. Have 1 on 1 Accountability- During my college years, I studied fashion design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I remember graduating and thinking, "now what?" I was still confused of how to attain a job in such a cut throat industry. I needed 1 on 1 guidance and it's impossible to receive that attention in a classroom setting. I love having 1 on 1 time with my clients to hold them accountable and strategize. Also, small groups mean more focus. My clients attend in person classes, live events with me, retreats, New York Fashion Week and more. The experience is invaluable. 
  4. Learn from someone that's been there before and actually made it through- Every professor of mine in design school was an aspiring designer that didn't reach their goals, so they settled by being my teacher. I prefer to learn from the person that didn't give up vs. the person who settled. 
  5. Sick of not living in your purpose- Are you sick and tired of dreaming it and not making it a reality? A coach is responsible for making your dream a reality. I strive to make sure my clients get results. You put in the work and you are guaranteed to see the results.

So what now?

-Apply for a free discovery session with me by clicking here

-Check out what we've done for other fashionpreneurs by viewing our client testimonails!

-Do your research! Research business coaching and decide if this the best setting for you. Call or email us if you have any questions! We are here to help.  It's time to try something different. The 3 F's to success are FAITH, FREEDOM & FEARLESS. Get ready to apply the tools! See you at the top!