The time I grossed $12,000 in 24 hours!

Hello There Fashion Entrepreneur!
   I hope you are well! As a fashion designer, I have had many wins and losses. I began to see a sufficient shift in my business when I invested in a business coach. The moment I began to educate myself on business strategies and not just my creative talents, I began to profit! One of my greatest wins was when I recently grossed a little over 12K in 1 day! Yes, I said 1 day as in 24 hours! Though sufficient planning and goal setting, I was able to market multiple portions of my business pie to grow my sales to an all time high.Here are some of the steps I took:

  1. Created a social media strategy- I created content to be posted every hour on the hour. The content included graphic designs, video content and photos of my clothing designs. 

  2. 2 days prior, I attended a networking event. At the event, I received 72 signups. I added all of the prospects to my mailing lists.

  3. I merged my mailing lists. If you are familiar with mailing lists, you know that you can separate your lists. I have a IEFA list and a Irregular list. Combined I have over 700 subscribers. 

  4. I marketed a sale at which grossed $10,286.34 in 18 hours. 40% of sales came from my retailers that purchase in bulk. 

  5. I sent blast email to my mailing list adverting my digital products that have been added to the fashion academy. I really built the value of how these items can assist them. Digital Product Gross:$1,841.66

Day's End: $12,127.66! With proper launch of my sale and social content, I was able to reach an all time high for my sales in 24 hours! If you are looking to launch your clothing related brand, be sure to visit the Success Shop to register for the Fashion Launch Class! The class includes all of the tools I used to grow my company by 238%! Creating multiple steams of revenue has been my secret to success! What components are in your business pie?