What city does your fashion brand live in?

Hello Fashionista!

Do you live in a small city and you feel like your brand doesn't belong there? Do you feel like your target customer and your network is elsewhere? You design the most bomb fashion but your city is behind so they don't get it like the people in larger market cities. Here are some tips and ideas to help you with sourcing the best brand location:

  • Add analytics to your website- this will allow you to track where website engagement is highest. Also track the cities your online orders and inquiries come from.


  • Bigger cities don't always equal bigger profit- sometimes being the big fish in a small pond is more powerful. Don't sleep on smaller cities that support you. We always look to NYC, ATL and LA. We know these cities are the stomping grounds of successors, but who do you know in these cities that can connect you? Look out for emerging cities like Houston,Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia and DC


  • Don't relocate until you have at least 100 contacts-if you have big dreams of moving your brand to a new city, don't leave your current city until you have at least 100 contacts! That means you need to visit that city as much as possible for networking events, promo etc.


  • Saving $ is key- Can you afford to relocate to this new city? How much are flights to return home for holidays and emergencies? Price these things and save 4-6 month of survival cash.


  • If you cannot afford to move the brand, find a home base: moving isn't cheap! It's also scary to take on a new town usually solo. Find a retailer that's well respected in that town and contact them regarding placing your garments in their store on consignment or wholesale. That way your target customer is fulfilled still. 

What city does your brand live in? Comment below!