The Fashionpreneur Academy
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Step 1: Fashion Discovery Session

During this call, we will discuss your goals, challenges and next best steps for your brand!   Click here to schedule our call. Prior to your call, please review program, course options and next steps below. 

Step 2: Strategic Planning Session


Your private experience includes:

  •  90 minute Strategic Planning Session with your Fashionpreneur Strategist
  • Private Strategic Recap Session Review with Jessica
  • Home study module with homework that will be reviewed during recap with Jessica
  • Profitability plan and budget created collectively
  • Lifetime access to the recording & visuals shared
  • Strategic Planning workbook and business development checklist

Have no fear, this investment credits to your private client coaching tuition which we will discuss privately. We do offer discounts and payment plans! We will tell you how to save $186 or more during your Fashion Discovery Session (step 1)!

Prior to entering a 6-12 month private client coaching program, a Strategic Planning Session is required.

Step 3: Private Client Coaching

Following the Strategic Planning Session, you will now have a plan of action to execute within your 6-12 month private client coaching program or "at your own pace" home study course. We will guide you every step of the way privately and with your Fashionpreneur classmates as needed! Get ready for a lot of sacrifice, dedication and patience as we venture through this journey of mindset, discipline and creative evolution. 


Explore our coaching programs and courses

6 Month accelerated semester coaching program

This program is essential for the self sufficient fashionpreneur who is in need of rebranding and new revenue streams. This program requires imperative time management and productivity. 

12 month Mogul Coaching

In this program, we enter directly into the business aspects of starting your brand and transitioning into entrepreneurship. Our goal is to increase revenue and develop a innovative brand that offers longevity. 

At your own pace home study fundamentals courses

These detailed courses come with a student login, worksheets and unlimited access to your course! Choose the best course for your needs or apply for a fashion discovery session for assistance with choosing the best course (or private client coaching program) for you!

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Omg! I LOVED IT and I took a lot of notes. This course helped me understand what I need to begin shifting within myself and my business to reach my goals.
— Mya James, Austin Texas