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Welcome to my gram! I'm Jess, serial Fashionpreneur. With over 9 streams of revenue, I have been able to produce over $1M in sales within my fashion based companies. I am the founder of the Fashionpreneur Academy, a coaching program for emerging and aspiring fashion based business owners.

I guide my clients through the launch & development of their fashion businesses. Through my rigorous curriculum, I have successfully assisted over 125 clients with the transition from Employee to Fashionpreneur. Click here to watch my video bio and learn why I am ACTUALLY qualified to be your guide on this journey to Fashionpreneur freedom!

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Clothing Brand- Irregular Exposure : @irregularexposure

Wholesale Clothing Brand- Irregular Girl : @irregulargirlwholesale

Fashion Business Coaching- Fashionpreneur Academy : @fashionpreneuracademy

My Design Factory in LA- Fashionpreneur Agency : @fashionpreneuragency

-XOXO, Jess

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