The Fashionpreneur Academy Presents:

Wholesale Vendors Decoded: How to source exclusive vendors for your boutique!

This Wednesday at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

Join me as we discuss how I’ve scaled my businesses within fashion! We will discuss REAL budgeting and fashion resources to grow your brand! Learn how I have been able to NET over $1M in sales all before age 30! I will discuss how I went from sewing in my Mama's basement at age 16 to owning my very own design factory, 3 fashion brands & more. Let's focus on developing a REALISTIC plan of action while bringing exclusivity to an oversaturated market! Meet me online for class Wednesday! Register below!

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What we will cover…

  • How to launch a fashion boutique or custom label: No you don't have to have a ton of money or experience to launch a label. You aren't required to acquire sketching or sewing knowledge to become a Designer! Never purchased wholesale? I will show you exactly where to begin! If you have never charged for your styling services its time! This class is not limited. If you are an emerging or aspiring Fashion Designer, Boutique Owner, Stylist or Wardrobe Consultant, this class is for you! I will show you pages or resources I used to develop my 9 fashion businesses!

  • The Sales Funnel, Marketing & Ads- How to develop a product or service based up-sell system to convert your carts. 80% of your website visitors will "add to cart" and leave. It's your job to secure them! We will also discuss how I have spent only $5 daily on ads and produced over $40k in sales.

  • Budgeting as a Boutique Owner, Stylist, Designer and Closet Consultant- We will discuss the REALISTIC budgeting process for launching your fashion business!

  • Manufacturing as a new Fashion Designer on a budget : I will show you how to manufacture your products for the lowest costs possible! I AM LITERALLY GIVING YOU MY RESOURCES so get ready to work!

  • & MUCH MORE! Tune in because I am dropping too many details! Must join me live to get the goods!


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My attention to every client is filled customized creativity but most importantly, business ethics. My focus is to develop realistic timelines and sellable brands that will create generational wealth.
— Jessica Williams

Meet your Fashionpreneur Strategist

Jessica Williams is the CEO and founder of The Fashionpreneur Academy. She developed the academy’s digital educational platform with the goal of changing the faces of fashion entrepreneurs for the culture. She is also the owner of Irregular Exposure — a women’s ready to wear brand. The brand also sells within its luxury Downtown Baltimore, MD location; and to over 1,000 retail accounts worldwide. Jessica has grown her businesses tremendously through partnerships with emerging brands, silent investments, celebrity ghost designing, and more. She brings to the academy over 12 years of fashion experience, and is a graduated of the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Her expertise include sewing, pattern making, production sewing and manufacturing, wholesale, branding, marketing and more.