Here's my REAL story...

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Hey Fashionpreneur,
   I know sometimes you see overnight social media sensations that make it seem that in only weeks, you can be a millionaire! Now I can tell you that I have put in years of education and sacrifice to get my brand, Irregular Exposure  off the ground. Many people do however believe that I became successful overnight and I want to share my store because the fact is the complete opposite! I want to share my story with you. At 26 years old, I give all glory to God, my family and my support systems. I am still growing however the rate that I am growing at is a dream.

So here it is,
In 2007, my mom told me that she found a camp for youth entrepreneurs and she wanted me to go for the summer. In Baltimore City, it's a lot of other nonproductive things the youth are doing during the Summer, however, my mom always made sure my brother, sister and I were doing something influential to our growth! To be accepted into the program, I had to have a business. I decided to go with fashion! I was 14 years old and had know clue what this would turn into. Well long story short, I was accepted into the NAACP Youth Summer Camp! I won the "most creative" award and received a $500 prize! Well I took that $500 and got a sewing machine. In 2008, my mother decided to enroll me into sewing classes at a local Joann's Fabrics store. I went and took it seriously. Soon after, I began making dresses and hoodies for my classmates! I was making $300 a week as a 15 year old! Hustler of the year! LOL! Well life hit hard and most of you don't know.

Around that time, my mother got very ill.My Dad, who has quite the life story of his own, was not in the home anymore. My sister and brother were also away at college so I had to get on my grind! My mom began to get worse with time and I had to take on a lot of the house duties. Thank God she was always financially fit and taught me to be the same way! Even with my mother's health matters, she made sure her children wanted for NOTHING! My mom was a successful RN at the time bringing home six figures. It was hard to watch her have to leave her career behind due to her illness.

 This didn't break me at all! Though I was depressed and asking God why, I got to work even harder! I graduated high school in 2009 and moved to Philly where I attended and graduated from AIPH with a degree in Fashion Design. To see my mom watch me cross that stage was amazing!!! I came back home soon after and worked as a leasing consultant full time while still designing. 

In January 2013, I decided to give my Supervisor 2 weeks notice to pursue my fashion career full time. I had just signed a lease on a new office for clients to pickup prom dresses. All though college, I worked retail and also continued designing for clients so I had built up a pretty steady income and clientele by then. My boss at the time told me that " I was crazy! I was on the road to making $80,000 a year soon!" Well I fell for it and stayed at the job part time while designing only 4 days a week. It was a lot to juggle so I ended up giving most of my energy to that 9-5 again and I returned to full time in August 2013. Well rewind a bit, it was in 2011 I lost my Dad unexpectedly and it changed me forever. My Dad was the funniest man in the world and he lovessss his "Baby J!" So my dad still comes to me in my dreams a lot! December 2013, he visited me in my dreams! In the dream, I was opening a store across from the hospital he passed away in. All of my family and friends were arriving to my grand opening but I was right next door at my 9-5 as a property manager! My office (9-5 job) was so swamped with home tours that I ended up missing the grand opening of my store! When I finally clocked out from my 9-5, I rushed next door to greet my loved ones and celebrate! Well guess what, you all were upset and leaving! EVERYONE LEFT! I WAS TOO LATE! The only person that was still there was my Dad! He said to me, "I can't believe you! Working this job knowing you are supposed to be here! You know it!" I woke up and was never the same! I immediately began doing research and found a business coach and 2 other black women that were well respected in the fashion industry. I told all 3 of these women, I NEED HELP! 2 out of the 3 women didn't even know who I was and didn't offer a big mentorship program. I asked could I shadow, assist and if they could customize a program for me. I saved my money, paid my business coach, wholesale mentor and manufacturing mentor! IT WAS NOT CHEAP BUT I GOT IT BACK A MILLION TIMES OVER! Within 4 months of investing in myself, I was making $12,000 a month, then $22,000 a month, then $30,000 a month!!!! I had already had so many great relationships and experience but I needed help with understanding the profit I had showed my collection in NYC Fashion Week in 2014 and even won awards but I was't making money .

It wasn't until APRIL 2016  I left that 9-5 job for good!!!! I had saved some money but not much and I went into wholesale and manufacturing full time! I then launched the IE Fashion Academy soon after!

Well here I am in 2018, a projected 7 figure business owner( this year) ! I put all the many years in bold so you can understand that this takes time! This isn't a industry you can just walk into! You have to gain mentorship, God and education. I am so excited to have created a program like the IE Fashion Academy that now teaches my learnings in one jammed packed program. Click the button to apply for your FREE FASHION DISCOVERY CALL! Also, be sure to register for the LA Fashion Retreat to learn my $30,000 monthly revenue system within fashion ONLY!!!