How I grew my mailing list by 411% and grossed $2k in 24 hours.

 Hello Fashion Entrepreneur, 

 If you are a client of mine, then you know the importance of advertising. I recently invested in advertising with a popular social media page called @theshaderoom. The Shaderoom has about 6 million followers that I had the advantage of reaching. Within hours of advertising my mailing list grew by 411%! Thats right! 411%! I went from barely 100 subscribers to almost 500! I am so excited to have new contacts to reach and follow up with. I also was able to advertise my digital products. I sold many different mini courses that allowed me to gross a bit over $1,200. Many new followers and subscribers also visited my business website, I grossed over $800 in sales that evening! I share this with you to inform you that advertising is an investment that you will gain the return on. Here are some items you need to consider prior to advertising with social media pages:

- What are their demographics? - It is imperative that the page shares their media kit with you. This will allow you to see their demographics and following power. This will also allow you to confirm if your target customer follows them.

-Can you choose your posting time? - Be cautious of posting too early or too late. You need to know the pages peak posting times. Also be aware of time differences within different parts of the world. For example, if you have your post go up at 9am est., most west coasters will still be asleep and won't see the post. However, if you post at 12 noon est, most east coasters at at lunch at work and west coasters are awake and at work or starting their day. 

- How long will my ad run?- Ask the company how long will the ad stay on their page. Will it come down after a few hours or days? Will it be permanant? You need the most bang for your buck so be sure to ask as many questions as you need. 

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